I am an Indian

I am not a Hindu, nor a Muslim, nor a Christian, nor a Sikh, nor a Parsi, nor a Jew, nor a Buddhist nor a Jain. I am not a Brahmin, nor a Kshatriya, nor a Vaishya, nor a Shudra, nor a Shia, nor a Sunni, nor a Protestant, nor a Catholic, nor a Hinayana, nor a Mahayana, nor a Digambara, nor a Svetambara. I am not an aam aadmi nor a VVIP. I am an Indian.

My history precedes that of every other civilization. I know more languages than a citizen of any other country. I count Shree Rama, Shree Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Mahavir and the Ten Gurus in my ancestry. I count Aryabhatta and Ramanujan as my compatriots. I have the valor of Prithviraj Chauhan, Shivaji and Manekshaw in my blood. I have the message of Gandhi in my heart. I am an Indian.

Valmiki and Vyasa wrote epics that inspired the world, but were composed in my homeland. Mirza Ghalib, Kabir and Tagore left their footprints on the soil of my country. Thoughts from my land, awakened the world’s soul. I am an Indian.

Thieves may try to steal my riches, foreigners may try to rule my land, tyrants may try to enslave my people. But in the end, they will fail and I will prevail. I am an Indian.

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