7 th Jan 2013 : 25 th Birth Anniversary of Harsh Pande : Karaoke

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Dear Friends,

On this very special occasion, Harsh’s family wishes to present before you another talented aspect of his multi-faceted personality as we eagerly approach the book-release of his novel ‘HICCUPS’.

When HARSH was born on 7th January 1988, with acute congenital disorders, he virtually had no upper palate in his mouth, which made breathing and feeding extremely difficult for him : It took a continuous series of three complicated plastic surgeries to correct this disorder and literally create an upper palate to enable him a normal function of his mouth, both, for feed and for speech. This was followed by long periods of mouth and speech therapy.
Little Harsh endured it all. His determination and grit was his trademark from his very infancy which he exhibited throughout his remaining years of so many complex orthopedic surgeries and rehabilitation procedures, while successfully crafting a niche in his gifted life.

It is therefore our special privilege , to present to you on his 25th birth anniversary today, a cell phone recording of a song of an Elvis Presley song sung at a Karaoke bar by Harsh while holidaying at Goa with friends, where he also conceptualized his novel ‘HICCUPS’.
With our grateful thanks to his friends Monesh, Taronish, Vaibhav, Anmol and Sachin who were with Harsh at Goa and who recorded his performance impromptu on a cell phone here is his rendition of the number ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis Presley at a Karaoke bar in Goa.

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