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Thoughts about Harsh by his relative (Tauji) Hem Pande, Sherwood College, Nainital

This is a tribute to a life well – enriched, and thus well lived. My master Rev Shri Rajgopalachari has written in one of his reminiscences that when he approached his Master Rev. Babuji with a query as to what the most appropriate tribute or benediction to a person on an occasion would be, he was told “live as if you may die the next moment”.
Seen in this context Harsh, my younger nephew, savored every moment of his earthly existence in the truest spirit and interpretation of this dictum.
I look at his earthly span of just over 24 years, in the context of the excruciating physical challenges which he faced with an amazing reserve of sparkling energy and with an equanimity which belied his young years, before he bid the final adieu to his earthly abode. He was to most of us an enigma, constantly reminding us that we are bequeathed with incalculable reserves which are reminders of the priceless boons wrought by an indefatigable spirit of sharing and caring. He was indeed a noble traveler on the pathways of life. My salutations to this fellow traveler ,on his journey to the Infinite. He was a step of elevation on the genetic chain ,a beacon to his fraternity of youth ,an example of creativity to his mentors and to those who were responsible for his material welfare ;most of all, he was an example to the likes of us: Exalting us to live life to its fullest and deepest.
The most befitting homage to such a rich stage of existence would be his own, self generated and favorite quote “You have to experience life before you can express it.” His 24 years could cause much larger spans of life to yearn for this irrepressible flow of energy with an intensity full of his composite traits .
The stunning impacts of his last presentation on his personal video will be emblazoned in my memory for the rest of my life. Here he was chairing a seminar with his friends on a topic only likes of Harsh could have conjured. It was titled “If you knew you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?” His bubbling laughter, sparkling eyes and wit are going to be constant companions in my own journey to the final destination.
Harsh, it was a privilege to have known you.
May Master provide His bountiful grace, love and succor to you in the realms of Light …..

At Pune, Thursday May 03, 2012 4PM

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