The Playground of Heaven Awaits my Friend

Vedobrato Chatterjee on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 2:29am

He was born with a certain defect
He was forced to take to the chair
He had to be helped around
By his parents everywhere

This young lad, when he was only eight
Was brought to my class one day
I remember his dad talking to the teacher
And we could not help but stare

Little did we know who he is
Little did we know his pain
Little did I know that one day
I would want to see him again

We tried to help him when possible
We somehow felt pity for him
But he started seeming less different
And slowly began to fit in

We almost forgot there was more to his smile
We almost forgot he could not run
All we can remember now are his jokes
With his last goodbye to everyone

Sometimes he would remain absent for few days
And we would overhear something about an operation
But each set of stitches his body welcomed
Could only make his smile widen

Pity and sympathy were words
That never existed for this little brat
He would proudly use his crutches
Like something we others didn’t have

Brilliant in academics
Naughtier than most of us
His sense of humour was what
Always came forth first

And the years passed for all of us
With the usual shit of school
And he was the popular celebrity
With his wittiness and cool

He excelled in engineering
Then got a decent job somewhere
But he kept in touch with all his friends
Even till his last day

Harsh, My friend, the last time we met
We were all downing beers
Now we are left with empty glasses
To fill with drowning tears

But now you will play my friend
For all those years on the chair
Only the pastures of heaven deserve you
For which we all shall pray

I wonder how many you will seduce
With your enchanting smile
I wonder how many will know your spirit
That still makes you survive

For a person like you eternally survives
In the hearts of each one
The fight you fought each day of life
You have now finally won


Harshavardhan Pande. (7 January 1988 – 23 April 2012)

You will always be remembered and respected by each person whose life you have ever touched.
You have shown the greatest spirit and still remain the biggest inspiration I have ever personally experienced.
I feel privileged to have been a part of your life. And I am sure we all feel the same way

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